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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Hiring an SEO Company

SEO Services

  1. Hire based on price

  2. Don’t research reputation

  3. Decide to do it in-house


Search engine optimization is complex and ever changing. It would be nice if you could set up a process that would work to rank websites over time.

However, that is not the case and good SEO companies are in tune with the changing requirements. Most search companies, those who are constantly calling you, do not stay on the leading edge of Google requirements and penalties.
Since we offer premier ranking strategies, we make sure our practices are in line with what the search engines recommend. We have partnered with leading SEO companies who are constantly testing and updating recommendations. This association ensures that we offer the optimum and safest strategies.
We started doing SEO in 2007 and many of our sites are still ranked today. That is because we used good, basic sound ranking practices. We proudly show screen shots of businesses that are number 1 in the search engine results.
Look on our testimonial pages for endorsements of our services. We maintain a stellar reputation! You will notice that these are real people/business who have endorsed us and our services.
If you decide you want to invest in these skills in-house, then let us know and we will gladly direct you to the best training and support group available.

Search Engine Optimization Services

  • On-Page Optimization
    • On-page strategy has been around for many years. This includes your title, URL, keyword density, and tags. We also want to ensure good content, optimized use of images and video, as well as silo’d structure.
    • Mobile friendly – Google is now giving preference to websites that are mobile friendly.
  • Off-Page Optimization
    • Off-page is where most SEO consultants diverge. The wrong off-page strategy can hurt you! You want backlinks but you want fewer and higher quality authority sites.
  • Social Signals
    • Just as important is your social presence and who is engaging with you.
    • Reputation Management is key to building your credibility online.

These are the main SEO services that we provide. Please fill out the Consultation Form for your free assessment.