Mobile Websites: Mobile Users & TV

Mobile Internet Users Multi-Tasking

There are many companies that study the how consumers use their smartphone as well as the environment in which they use their phones.

  • Are they using mobile Internet while in their cars?
  • Are they at work?
  • Are they at home?
A recent study by On Device Research has found that a third of mobile Internet users browse while watching TV!
Here is a summary of their findings:

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The explosion of mobile internet usage has enabled the mobile advertising opportunity, but as most advertising planners know, truly engaging advertising doesn’t work in silos, it works together.

The findings show that:

  • A third of mobile internet users also watch TV whilst browsing via their mobile.
  • Of these consumers 91% either use their mobile to research or directly purchase items via their mobile phone.
  • Contrary to popular belief most mobile internet interactions happen in the home


You should be asking yourself, how can I jump on the mobile bandwagon?  Well if you are a business owner you need to have a mobile website!

I am not talking about scrunching down your current website so it fits on a smartphone.  I am talking about having a mobile optimized website.  Your mobile website should have the key information that your prospects are looking for.

In fact if you can deliver what you market wants before your competitors you are will get first mover advantage!

Your mobile website doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It just has to have what your potential customers are searching for!

You don’t have to change your current website!  Just have your website designer add some code which detects whether your visitor is on a mobile browser.  If they aren’t, the user is directed to your main website. If they are a mobile user then they are sent to your mobile website.

The problem is that most business owners don’t realize that mobile websites can be relatively easy and are very affordable!

Think through what your potential customers may be looking for while they are watching TV. How can you solve their problems?  How can you get your solution in front of them?

Mobile usage is only growing and you need to have a mobile optimized website in order to start engaging them.  The will just leave a traditional website!  Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for… Make it easy for them to navigate your mobile website,,, Make it each for them to take action.

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