Mobile Website

What do your customers see when they go to your website on a mobile phone?

This is a critical question that each and every business needs to ask and know the answer!  You are probably losing customers today and you will definitely be losing business next week, next month and next year if you do not get a solution soon!mobile website for apple iphone

I know you are probably overwhelmed with search engine optimization, collecting customer information, Facebook business pages, and more!  But mobile technology is one that you can’t overlook!

At the time of this writing, there are over 89 million mobile users and that number is growing exponentially.  Not only is the number of users growing, but the amount of time they spend on their mobile devices is growing.

Not only do you need a website, but you also need a site that loads quickly and is easy to read and navigate on a mobile device!  To complicate matters, you have different platforms and different size screens to consider.

The Bad News About Mobile Marketing

  • You must get a mobile friendly version site for you business ASAP
  • The images must be optimized for mobile
  • No flash allowed
  • Limit your use of videos

The Good News About Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile websites are not as expensive  as you may think
  • More than 60 million people are using their mobile devices to shop
  • A good design platform will provide a nice looking mobile site on all phones and tablets
  • A good design platform will allow you make your own changes

We know how critical it is to your business success to have a mobile solution and are here to provide a fast and easy way to add a mobile website to capture more customers and bring in more money.

Our solution:

  1. Mobile User Friendly – our mobile site design makes it easy for the mobile user to find what they are looking for and bring them back for more!  We use mobile optimized images that load fast and don’t eat up user’s bandwidth.
  2. Search Engine Friendly – You want your local business found when mobile users are shopping. We can help you make sure your new mobile website is registered with the major local search directories.
  3. Touch to Call – mobile users who come to your mobile website can call your business with just two “touches”!  They do not have to enter your phone number; we do it for them.
  4. Touch for Directions – mobile users can get directions to your business using their favorite GPS app.
  5. Touch for Specials – mobile users can get any coupons and special deals you want to use to entice users to buy or visit or call your business!
  6. Touch for Hours – you can list your hours on any mobile website page.
  7. Capture emails or phone numbers of visitors for followup – don’t lose any leads
  8. Shopper Friendly – Since 80% of smart phone owners use their phones for shopping you want to provide mobile shopping carts.

This is just the beginning!

We can show you how to get even more mobile traffic by using your current website or you Facebook Business Page or your Twitter account.

We can create a QR code to make it simple for mobile users to find your business or you offer or specials.

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Our Mobile Website Solutions:


Mobile Website Design: Elegant Simplicity

easy mobile website design by web tech enterprisesThis is a perfect solution for most local businesses.

Most mobile visitors are looking to either call you   for an appointment or for help or they want directions to your business.

With a simple touch of either button, they have  the information they need with just on tap!

The ‘Call Us’ will load you phone number into their cell phone!

The ‘Directions’ will open their default GPS.

The image is small and loads quickly and allows you to brand your business or show a product or store.

There is room for around 250-300 characters for content you want to highlight.


Mobile Website Design: Icon Heaven

design a mobile website with your brand and icons

For businesses that want more interaction with their mobile visitors, this mobile website design allows for multiple, mobile optimized pages.

This is a really nice, clear look with easy navigation!

You can still provide a “touch” to call or a “touch” for directions.

You can also provide a list of services or products.

An ‘About’ page can give your visitor more information about you or your business.

You can also provide a contact page or a page of testimonials.

If you are a restaurant, you could provide your menu and specials.

You can give discounts to visitors who give their contact information.

The sky is the limit!

Mobile Website Design: Menu Bar

mobile website design

Our third mobile website design option is a menu type design.

You can brand your mobile website with your logo.

There is room for about three links to other mobile pages.  These can be optimized for what your mobile visitor is looking for or needs.

There are many options you can consider:

o Contact form
o Information about you or your business
o A free offer or coupon
o Touch to Call or Touch for Directions
o And much more…

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