Indexing a Mobile Website – Video

Indexing your new mobile site

Video by Google’s Matt Cutts

I just watched this video by Matt Cutts, a well-known Google reprsentative. In this video he explainsMobile Website for Integrity Piano

  •  Googlebot has a specific user agent – Googlebot-mobile
  • Use a separate URL for your mobile site
  • Serve up your regular website for the Googlebot and your mobile site for Googlebot-mobile

Questions to ask your mobile web designer:

  1. Does the redirect script differentiate be Googlebot and Googlebot-mobile?
  2. What is the URL of my mobile site?
  3. Does the robots.txt file allow the Googlebot-mobile?
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New mobile website design demo: Spa
Mobile website design deom for spa







(Use a mobile scanner to see the mobile version.)

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