How to Create a Mobile Website – 3 Essential Components

How to Create a Mobile Website

With the explosive growth of mobile devices it is critical that you create a mobile website that engages your mobile user! A mobile website has a totally different set of criteria compared to a traditional website designed for desktop or laptop computers.

Before you create a mobile website for your business go over these essential elements that you need to consider before embarking on this endeavor.

  1. Layout

Create your mobile website with a single column layout that is easy to consume and view. The visitor should not have to zoom in to understand what your site offers.  They should not have to zoom in or scroll to navigate your website. That is why we recommend that you use a single when you design your mobile website.create mobile website - made easy

  1. Navigation

It is absolutely critical to have “fat finger” friendly navigation buttons. There is nothing more annoying to a visitor than not being able to tap on the navigation button of choice!  Do not make your visitor zoom in to tap on a button.

Also keep the navigation options to a minimum. Think about your target audience and why they might be looking for you online.  Offers options that will relate to why they are there.  You can also use a drop-down menu as long as it is easy to use with thumbs.

There are several built-in functions that you can utilize.  Connecting your navigation for ‘tap to call’ makes it easy for your visitor to call you.  Connecting to their GPS enables your visitor to tap to find you.

  1. Graphics

Traditional websites have increasingly gotten graphic intensive as consumers more readily have high speed Internet connections. Mobile is different! Mobile users have a limited amount of data bandwidth and don’t want to blow it just looking at your website. So when you design your mobile website, use only website optimized graphics and use them sparingly.

You may have noticed that I did not mention content when listing the 3 critical aspects of creating a mobile website.  I am a firm believer that “content is king” but the use of content is different in the context of a mobile website.

When a visitor consumes content on a mobile it is scanning on steroids. They want the meat and an overview of what you are offering.  If they are interested in really consuming your information they will want to read it on a larger device.  (Always provide a link to your regular website for those who want more information now.)

In summary, when you create your mobile website, make sure that you understand what you mobile visitor is looking for and how you are going to engage them.  If is absolutely critical that you have a mobile friendly layout, navigation and minimalist approach to graphics. Provide the content they need concisely at the touch of a button.

Call us now for a free consultation on how to create an effective mobile website for your business. (Don’t let your competition steal your potential customers!) Here is more information on how to create a mobile website. If you  think you are fine, click do I need to create a mobile website, then just go look to see what your visitors see.

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