Email Marketing – Developing Customer Loyalty?

Are You Missing the Boat with Developing Customer Loyalty?

If you are not collecting information from your current customers, you are missing the boat!Email Marketing & Customer Loyalty

Why? Because every customer who comes in your door has the potential to come in on a repeat basis if you give them the right incentive. If you are not collecting their information when they come in the door then you may never see them again.

Have you noticed that different websites offer you free information in exchange for your name and email. This is typically called an ethical bribe.

The website owner offers you something of value.  If they are good at marketing, they will offer something that is relevant to why you landed on the website.  It is an offer that interests you then all you have to do is give them some information.  In most cases this is just your name and email.

Have you thought about why they ask for this information?  They know that they may never see you again!
They know that there are millions of places you can go for information and they want to be able to continue
to give you value so that you are inclined to come visit again and eventually buy from them.

As a local business owner, you are no different.  Customers arrive at you place of business for a variety of
reasons.  They may have seen a print advertisement in a magazine, newspaper or flyer.  They may have
seen a coupon in paper.  Maybe they found you in the Yellow Page.  More often people are now searching
online for local information.

You have paid money to bring in customers and now you want to keep them coming back. You can do this
by offering coupons through emails.  It isn’t hard to do but you do need the name and email of your  customer.

There are a variety of ways you can do this. The easiest is to have a form for the customer to fill out while
they are paying for their merchandise.  Remember you need to give them an incentive to sign up. You could
offer a coupon that they can use on their next visit.

Every so often you could send different incentives to bring your customers back.  You can also offer news,
tips and information that will help your customer make better buying decisions or will educate them in some

The key is to offer value!  This is a great way to begin to develop a relationship with customers and keep
them coming back.

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